Oil Painter,Landscape Artist and Visual Storyteller

I started on this art journey from the sheer love of it. It's the thing that I seem to be meant to do. I need to see what level of mastery I can achieve in oil painting, and I won't find out until I die with a paintbrush in my hand! 

Along the way as I've learned more about the visual world like light, color and the elements of design, it's only furthered my beliefs in a Creator. Which makes each piece of art that more personal.

In my oil paintings, I tend to focus on humble beauty and try to draw the world's attention to it. A friend once called me a "slice of life" oil painter, a term that I think fits well. If I can capture the spirit of the day in my painting, it's a day well spent. My hope is to inspire and encourage people through my art, and remind them to think beyond the here and now. I want my artwork to be a bright spot in people's homes.

Through dedication and hard work I have increased my painting skills and cultivated my art voice.

I have been privileged to train with some of the top artists in the country:

Yer Za Vue, Jennifer Diehl, Eric Jacobsen, Peggie Kroll Roberts, Randall Sexton and Sherrie McGraw

Customer Testamonials:

"Kristina is a wonderfully warm woman and this is reflected in the joyous colours she uses in her fabulous paintings. I have bought several of Kristina's paintings and intend to collect many more."  ~Fiona Shilliday, United Kingdom

"I could not be happier with my purchase of this sweet little painting. The colors are so bright, and I love the way the artist shows the light playing off the glass of the vase. I am blown away."~ Katherine Barron, United States

"From my first enquiry to Kristina to the delivery of my painting a perfect service. Kristina was prompt and accommodating and I enjoy this painting!"  ~ Waterfoot Cottage, United Kingdom

List of events I have participated in:

2021 Pacific Northwest Plein Air Exhibition, Maryhill Museum, Museum Purchase Award

2020 American Impressionist Society Online Show

2020 "Fill the World with Flowers" solo show, Marilyn Affolter Gallery

2020 Artist Support Pledge

2019 Washington County Plein Air, Second Place

2019 Washington County Plein Air, Second Place, Noncturnal Painting

2019 Long Beach Island Honorable Mention, Judge Peter Trippi

2019 Long Beach Island New Jersey, Quick Draw, First Place

2018 "Pathways" group show

2018 OSA Printmaking Show

2018 Umpqua Valley Plein Air, Purchase Award

2018 Washington County Plein Air

2018 Toledo Plein Air, Best Maritime Painting

2018 Pacific Northwest Plein Air Exhibition

2018 Lake Oswego Festival of Art, Honorable Mention

2018 Lake Oswego Plein Air

2017 Washington County Plein Air, Best Urban/Architecture

2017 Pacific Northwest Plein Air Exhibition, Best Water

2017 Salem Bush Barn Gallery Show

2017 Willamette Valley Lavender Festival

2016 Festa Italiano Seattle ,Second Place

2016 The Big 500

2016 Washington County Plein Air , Best Nocturne

2016 Lake Oswego Plein Air

2016 Pacific Northwest Plein Air Exhibition

2015 The Big 500

2015 Solo Show, Lane Gallery, Portland

2015 Umpqua Valley Plein Air

2015 Washington County Plein Air, Honorable Mention

2015 Willamette Valley Lavender Festival , Honorable Mention

2015 Pacific Northwest Plein Air Exhibition

2015 Plein Air Lake Oswego

2015 Emerald National Juried Show

2015 Portland Rivers show, Pittock Mansion

2014 Featured  on season 5 of Portlandia

2014 The Big 500 Show

2014 Wallfowers Gallery Solo Show

2014 Watershed Gallery National Juried Show

2014 Emerald National Juried Show

2014 Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts, Second Place

2014 Lake Oswego Festival of Arts, First Place

2014 Alla Prima Portland Group Show

2014 Solo Show, Northeast Community Center

2013 Gresham Juried Show

2013 Lavender Festival, Honorable Mention

2013 Hillsboro Plein Air Competition

2013 Canby Wine and Brew Festival

2013 Lane Gallery by the Sea Show

2013 OSA Winter Show

2012 Gresham Juried Show

2012 Hillsboro Plein Air, Honorable Mention

2012 OSA Fall Show, Honorable Mention

2011 Gresham Juried Show

2011 OSA Rose Festival Show

2011 Scottsdale Artist School Scholarship Winner

2010 Gresham Juried Show

2010 OSA Rose Festival Show

2010 Urban Landscapes Show

2009 Gresham Juried Show

2009 OSA Rose Festival Show

2008 Gresham Juried Show, First Place

2008 OSA Rose Festival Show

2008 OSA Fall Show, Third Place