"Festive Flowers", original oil painting by Artist Kristina Sellers https://www.kristinasgallery.com/collections/still-life/products/festive-flowers-original-oil-painting-by-artist-kristina-sellers-20x16

November 2019 Newsletter

It's the perfect time to let you all know how thankful I am for the support and friendship I've received from you this year! All of my subscribers will be entered to in a drawing to win one of my original paintings! I'll announce who the big winner is on New Year's Day.

Several of you have inquired about whether the paintings I post on social media are for sale. In almost every case the answer is yes. Don't be shy about contacting me (I'm real nice) via messaging or email. Usually the paintings just need to be signed and dry for a week or so.

Exciting news! I've just partnered with Marilyn Affolter Fine Art Studio and Gallery in Mcminnville, Oregon. Marilyn is a well established gallery owner and a fine artist and photographer in her own right. She brings so much depth of knowledge to the gallery and she's just a blast to speak with. I'm so thrilled that my collectors can expect a warm welcome and expert service. A solo art show with me as the artist is in the works! I'll keep you all in the loop. 

My big art event over the summer was to Long Beach Island, New Jersey (LBI). I've traveled to many places but I've never spent time on the East Coast. Cross that off my bucket list! I was accepted into the "Island Life" Plein Air Plus competition, along with 35 other artists. At the time I discovered I was invited, available housing was scarce. My brilliant husband Tim called some local churches and one of them wanted to help me out. They connected me with a host home and I was completely blessed by their generosity. Thanks again Joe and Beth McIlmail! You guys are the best. Such an answer to prayer!

Besides producing a collection of lovely beach paintings, some meaningful highlights of the trip were helping a young man surprise his girl with a proposal, a deep conversation with a seventh grader about staying off drugs, getting caught in a monster of a thunder storm and winning first place in the quick draw. For those of you who don't know, a quick draw is when artists are given a set amount of time in a specific location to produce a painting. In this case we had two hours. It was so humid on that day that my epquipment was sweating. 

Although I wasn't there for the reception, I was thrilled to find out that I was awarded an honorable mention by Peter Trippi, editor in chief of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, for my painting "Engagement". I bet you can guess where I got the idea for the title.

While the East Coast was new and exciting and I found the locals to be sincere and helpful, I was so glad to come home to the Pacific Northwest. Who knows where my art pursuits will take me in 2020? 


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