July 2019 Newsletter

July 2019 Newsletter

The plein air season is in full swing and consequently my newsletter is a tad bit late. Thanks for hanging in there and for taking the time to see what I'm up to!

I always enjoy painting in Lake Oswego for the Chronicle Plein Air show. This year I was very fortunate to create some nice paintings right out of the gate, because in the middle of it my poor hubby was rear-ended and his car was totaled. Needless to say, I didn't get as much done during the competition as usual. For a few weeks there my second job was being his chauffuer! I was also glad I was still able to participate in the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts, where a couple of my larger paintings went home with collectors. You can still see my plein air pieces at the ArtSpace Gallery through September 20th.


I have a heartfelt connection to the Columbia River Gorge. I grew up in the area, going for hikes off the old highway with my family as a kid. My hubby and I got engaged at iconic Multnomah Falls. So it's always an extra honor to be accepted into the Pacific Northwest Plein Air Exhibition. Not only because I so admire the skill of the other artists participating, but I also get to pay homage to the place that has always been my "back yard". All this being said...OY VAY! The Wind! The bain of my existance is that wind! I know whole industries are built upon it, but sometimes it makes the most beautiful view unpaintable. 

On day one of PNW Plein Air my very first painting was done at the Hook in Hood River. Probably the windiest spot possible. I hunkered down in the back of my car and bungeed my easel to the car. Even so, it was still difficult to control everything I did. Sometimes I couldn't hear myself think for the roar of the wind. I felt like the wind kicked my booty. But in spite of this, "Saphire River" was the first of my paintings to sell at the show. So I guess I won the battle after all!

On day two I decided a break from the wind was in order. So I went up to Parkdale, right at the foot of Mt. Hood. This is where I painted "Slow Dance", which is my personal favorite of the paintings I did. You can see my work in person at the Maryhill Museum of Art through August 24th. 

Currently I am gathering my strength and getting organized for a plein air competition in New Jersey. I will be painting the sights on Long Beach Island. I can't wait to be inspired! I'm sure my next newsletter will include some highlights, but you can also watch my facebook and instagram for updates.

Also, if you are in wine country, be sure to stop by the RJ Art Gallery. There will be a new show opening on August 16th, "Loving Where We Live~Oregon". A selection of my paintings, including "Vista House" will be there.

I hope we can all take the time to soak in the beauty of God's creation during these last precious days of summer! Thanks for subscribing to my newsletter.

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So beautiful Kristina! Your paintings reflect the glorious world our God created!

Emily Porter

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