"On the Umpqua" is a natural choice for a calming mood.

Three Paintings for a Peaceful Room

Color has very specific affects on your mood, and art can set the tone of your whole home. So it's very smart to think about how you want your dwelling place to feel for you and your guests. Coming home from a busy day to a relaxing and peaceful haven could be just what you need. 

For this blog post, I chose  Sherwin Williams' color of the year for 2019, "Reflecting Pool". It's in that beautiful spot on the color wheel between blue and green.

Blue is a color which gives a feeling of relaxation and peace. This painting, "Endless Summer Day" features turquoise blues, dark greens and a touch of violet. The greens inspire feelings of harmony, nature and growth. The pop of yellow on the trees sparks a feeling of energy and happiness. The idea I wanted to convey with this painting is of childhood summer days, when you could explore the outdoors and it felt like it would last forever! 

The next painting, "On the Umpqua" features blue-greens and violets against a dark green shadow. The blue range of color can actually sooth your mind and calm your metabolism, while green is soothing to the eyes. Also noteworthy, horizontal lines, such as in this landscape, give a restful feeling. I painted this outdoors on the first days of autumn.

The third painting, "Rhythm and Blues",has a very peaceful color design. But it also has plenty of energy, with very expressive brushstrokes. The purples and violets in this painting inspire deep thinking and mystery, as well as creativity.

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