How Buying Art is Like Falling in Love

We've all known someone like her. She's a beauty, she's smart, she's kind and she just has it all together. And she can't find a date to save her life! No one can figure it out. All of her friends try to set her up to no avail. And then one day, out of the blue, she's not only got an interested party, she's totally off the market! Suddenly it all makes sense. Clearly the right person just needed to cross paths with her.
The exact same scenario plays out time and again with art. Wonderful paintings circulate the gallery scene for years until discovered by the right buyer.
In 1941, Victor Ganz fell madly in love with Picasso's painting "La Reve". At the time, he didn't own a home and the $7,000 price tag was a year's wages. This was not a common sense Dave Ramsey sort of decision. But he bought the painting. It was proudly displayed in his home for decades. After the passing of he and his wife Sally, the painting sold at auction for an unprecedented $48.4 million.
Silver City, New Mexico recently became the center of art controversy because of a single act of wild passion by two retired public school teachers. On the passing of Jerry and Rita Alter, an antiques dealer who purchased their estate discovered it. Hidden behind the master bedroom door was "Woman Ochre", a stolen painting by Willem de Kooning. I imagine Mr. and Mrs. Alter closed the bedroom door every night and admired their conquest.
As an artist, hearing from collectors about what attracted them to my paintings is very rewarding. It is not lost on me that out of all the things in the world, someone has chosen to spend their hard earned money on something I conceived and created. I've learned there's no telling when and where my paintings will sell because there's no predicting what will thrill the human heart. Just like that invisible chemistry between people, there is an intangible connection between art and art lovers.
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