3 Frames One Painting

3 Frames One Painting

If you've ever known a fine artist, you know we have a heckuva lotta frames! I have a whole room of them in my house. No joke! Thing is, for me, it's like having a big walk-in closet of clothes to fit any event that might come up. I absolutely love when one of my paintings is finally ready to be framed and placed on the wall in just the right frame. It's a satisfying feeling. 

Finding just the right frame can be tricky, but it's worth the effort. Everyone recognizes a beautiful woman when they see one, but put her in the right dress and wowza! No one can take their eyes off her. Same with paintings.

Here I've photographed one of my paintings with three very different frames. Depending on what you want from your decor, any of these frames could work.

The black frame with a gold liner brings out the rich darks of the painting. It's a wide frame, which emphasizes the piece of art's importance.  

When I put the painting in the gold frame, I was surprised it looked this good. I wasn't expecting it to work. It picks up the warm sunlit tones nicely. I think it is perhaps a bit too ornate for this painting. In general I like a detailed painting in a simple frame, and a dressier frame with a simple painting.

The gray frame is both rustic and modern and would fit in well with current trends. I think it's simplicity showcases the painting well. 

What do you think? I'd love to hear your take!

While you're on my site, feel free to view my online gallery to see more of my original oil paintings.


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