Sink or Swim

People had been asking me for years, when I am going to start teaching art? Well, I'd been waiting for the clouds to part and a ray of sun to shine down and for God to tell me 'Kristina, you are now a great artist. It is time.' Never quite happens the way I imagine. Instead, my own wise teacher, the wonderful Za Vue, literally threw me in the deep end. One day while a group of us were having tea, she pipes up and says "Kristina is going to sub for me while I'm out of town". That was news to me. I was honored and terrified all at once. But you don't say no to Za. You just don't. And not because she is scary. Just the opposite. She is one of the most generous people I've known. So that was it, I was on the hook. Not only would I be subbing for a woman whose knowledge is vast and deep, but I would be doing it for a pretty high level group of artists which I consider to be my peers. Needless to say I did a lot of prep work. Two weeks later when I showed up for class, I found that my anxiety was closer to excitement and I was sincerely hoping I could help the students. My first order was to do a demonstration on color shifting, or gradation as some call it. I found it really difficult to talk and paint and answer questions all at the same time. That is something I need more experience in. But after that, I really enjoyed coaching the students through their assignment. And of course it helped that everyone in the class was truly kind! No spit wads or practical jokes at all. I'm so very thankful Za threw me off the diving board. So now that teaching my first class is under my belt and I didn't completely drown, I'm looking forward to my next teaching opportunity.

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